Saturday, July 30, 2011

Application - The Ability to Use Learned Material in New Situations

Some of the action verbs used to assess application are shown as follows: Apply, assess, calculate, change, choose, complete, compute, construct, demonstrate, develop, discover, dramatize, employ, examine, experiment, find, illustrate, interpret, manipulate, modify, operate, organize, practice, predict, prepare, produce, relate, schedule, select, show, sketch, solve, transfer, use. Some examples of learning outcomes that demonstrate evidence of application are:
• Construct a timeline of significant events in the history of Australia in the 19th century.
• Apply knowledge of infection control in the maintenance of patient care facilities.
• Select and employ sophisticated techniques for analyzing the efficiencies of energy usage in complex industrial processes.
• Relate energy changes to bond breaking and formation.
• Modify guidelines in a case study of a small manufacturing firm to enable tighter quality control of production.
• Show how changes in the criminal law affected levels of incarceration in Scotland in the 19th century.
• Apply principles of evidence-based medicine to determine clinical diagnoses.

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